Ioannis Karakatsanis, Research Engineer

Data & Network Analytics (DNA) Research Group


Curriculum Vitae

I am currently working at the Data & Network Analytics Research Group which is part of the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science of Masdar Institute, a graduate research university established in collaboration with MIT. The projects I am working on are focused on the fields of Software and Web Development, Data Mining and Analysis, Text Mining and Machine Learning.



  • I. Karakatsanis, W. AlKhader, F. MacCrory, A. Alibasic, M.A. Omar, Z. Aung, W.L. Woon, Data Mining Approach to Monitoring The Requirements of the Job Market: A Case Study, Information Systems, Volume 65, Pages 1-6, Apr. 2017
  • I. Karakatsanis , A. Tsoupos, W. L. Woon, A Semi-automatic Approach for Tech Mining and Interactive Taxonomy Visualization, Data Analytics for Renewable Energy Integration Chapter, Volume 10097 of Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Pages 102-115, Jan. 2017
  • S. Papadopoulos, I. Karakatsanis, Short-term Electricity Load Forecasting Using Time Series and Ensemble Learning Methods , IEEE Power & Energy Conference at Illinois (PECI), Illinois, USA, Feb. 2015
  • A. Kovacs, I. Karakatsanis, D. Svetinovic, Argumentation-Based Security Requirements Analysis: BitMessage Case Study , IEEE Int. Conf. on Cyber, Phy. and Soc. Comp. (CPSCom), Taipei, Taiwan, Sept. 2014
  • I. Karakatsanis , W.L. Woon, A Hybrid Collaborative Filtering Approach for Educational Data Mining , Graduate Students Research Conference (GSRC), Abu Dhabi, UAE, Mar. 2015


Graduate Teaching Assistant

  • Machine Learning (CIS 606, Spring 2015), TA for Prof. Wei Lee Woon, Masdar Institute

  • Multimodal Data Mining (CIS 602, Fall 2015), TA for Prof. Wei Lee Woon, Masdar Institute

  • Software Engineering (CIS 502, Fall 2015), TA for Prof. Davor Svetinovic, Masdar Institute


Taxonomy Visualizer

As part of my Master's Thesis, I developed a web-based application for taxonomy based technology forecasting and interactive visualization. Main goal of this framework is to allow rapidly growing areas of research to be easily detected and grasped using various data and text mining techniques. Here's a short demonstration video:


I have contributed to the Bitmessage open source project, a system that allows users to securely send and receive messages using a trust less decentralized peer-to-peer protocol. To find out more about Bitmessage click here .

You can view the pull request at this link.